Happy Amber Friends…

…conducting a guided tour of various player-made disasters

Amber: TNG is a short campaign, designed to introduce several new players to the classic ADRPG. Naturally, we therefore tweaked the system to immediately make it different, as is traditional.

Adventure logs are available, and linked in order from the Wiki; they’ll probably be linked in here as soon as I work out how to lay out information sensibly.

Episodes so far:

Act I

1) Grudge and Gaming
2) Trump and Tragedy
3) Fort and Fortitude
4) Hot and Cold
5) Hell and Hellriding
6) Decisions and Divisions
7) chaos and Chaos
8) Back of Beyond
9) Pattern and Patter
10) Trip Trap
11) Curtain Call

Act II

12) Fight and Flight
13) An introduction to golden circle politics
14) Fast Friends
15) The black heart of Texiban
16) Pride and Peyote
17) Return of the King


18) The price of peace
19) Honey and Machine Oil


The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 1
The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 2
The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 3
The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 4
The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 5
The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 6
The diary of Zurehn – Chapter 7
Diary of Zurehn – chapter 10, or something
Zorehn diary – some more

The Chronicles of Random
1) Chaan el Sheikh
2) Wall and Piece(s)
3) When you step into the void, it’s a better idea not to
4) Nobody ever listens.
5) I call it plan… B
6) Secrets and Lies

GM Notes:

The GM has a run-down of the OOC considerations for each session. These are available to view for anyone, and contain no spoilers.
GM Notes – Episode 1
GM Notes – Episode 2
GM Notes – Episode 3
GM Notes – Episode 4
GM Notes – Episode 5
GM Notes – Episode 6
GM Notes – Episode 7
GM Notes – Episode 8
GM Notes – Episode 9
GM Notes – Episode 10

Amber: The Next Generation

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