Amber: The Next Generation

Act 3, episode 21

Branded Blood

In which…

Zurehn draws a sketch of Phil and recalls him to the war room when he’s trying to escape the palace on a knotted rope.
Aron and Dara exchange images of places of power.
We break into Brand’s room and find magic-null paints.
Two princes stab a prince.. or one of them is not a prince.. or it was all Caine acting alone.
Phil definitely did not throw a dagger.
Aron keeps Brand from bleeding out until Bleys can save his life.
Caine thinks he is high, and asks to be knocked out.
Bleys and Zurehn do blood magic and trump summoning to recall some more of Brand into Brand.
Phil gets to be bait, but we have to use Brand’s blood instead.
Caine is blind because Brand is using his eyes.
Suhuy or Swayvil joins the contact, having eaten one of the Brands, and we have to break the spell.
Random would not accuse anyone of being unoriginal, even if Suhuy is a mad dwarf in charge of Chaos’s power source.
The King has stern words with Bleys and Fiona has to fix things.
Her Jinn are escaping their cages (or her Gin is loose from its Tantalus?)



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