Amber: The Next Generation

Diary of Zurehn - chapter 10, or something

I was arrested – apparently the story about how the death of the Prince was my fault was so good so I was taken to gaol.

In there I met another muskateer, Aramis I later found out, and we chatted about Porthos and so on.

There was the sound of slaughter from above so I bid Aramis pray, and was able to utilise sorcery to spring us from the cell.
Aramis went off to pick up a sword and kill anyone in his way – I spoke to Fiona and then Florimel to find out what the plan was.
Apparently an assassination attempt on the king which Random was dealing with.
We went upstairs to find lots of dead bodies, and guarding a cordonned off area a captain and Porthos.
I agreed to help locate a mop and 150 coffins, and then went to sit by the cell.
In the morrning Aramis came to put us both back, with a key.
Aramis explained a little more of what had happened, and then went off to make the wheels of justice turn more freely, leaving the key.
A while later some officers came up, surprised to see Aramis missing, and bid me to leave to speak with the Cardinal.
The Cardinal spoke to me about the death of a 2nd prince, who died outside his own land so wouldn’t rise up, leading to yet a different war.
The people of the land would invade other lands, sacrificing people until they found someone who wouldn’t die from the sacrificing.

I thought that maybe I should see whether returning the body would at least hold off the war for a while, and what the sacrificing ceremony entails and whether any of us could survive and what the political fallout would be.

Nobody had any information so I Trumped Random and he wants me to make sure Begma isn’t succumbing to the Chaos-based pink plague thing that Osric sent to the shadow I was at before.

Random wants me to keep the place clean, which might need Fiona to help.

I checked in with Fiona to make her aware, then got a room and spent some time setting up the aforementioned spell.

I got a black and white signal from my sphere so called Random to see if Phil wanted me, and Random said it might’ve been Julian, but Julian didn’t want me any more.

Random wanted to come through so I brought him and Aron through, and they went off to the morgue.

I carried on working on the deisgn of the spell until Random came to bother me – I told him to leave me for some more time (5-50 minutes) until I’d finished setting things up for Fiona.

I finished up in about half an hour and spoke to Fiona by Trump – she came through, agreed the work was good enough and powered it up with her staff and left it self-powering.
We then went off to the morgue, leaving a sign that says to speak to the Cardinal and some magic that Fiona set to protect the door.
In the morgue there was a body with an open chest, and a black stone covered by a cloth.
Fiona agreed the black stone was “gribbly” and magical and unpleasant and built to take things over.

We agreed that Random would go find a replacement prince.
Aron would head to Texaban.
I would somehow get the stone to Texaban.
Fiona would go rest.

Fiona sent us to Texaban.
Aron used some “Fiona Disguise Magic” to look like the Prince and we went walking towards the big Ziggurat.

Aron had a plan to get us out if we needed to.

We teleported to the Zigurrat and there was a 3rd prince (Aron as a copy of the prince, the dead one I was carrying). I dropped the body, as agreed, then we got attacked, so I fell to the ground and I used the last teleport spell to summon a storm to blow the guards off me.
I dropped the spell and Aron rescued me by shifting us to another shadow.
The plan was wrecked and we needed to report in.

I trumped Fiona whilst Aron would trump Random – Fiona took the news not so well and told me to tell Corwin.
I finished the contact eith Fiona and Aron said he is unable to trump anyone so I contacted Corwin, reported in, got told to find outif war was still going to happeen and report in but not kill anyone, and then spoke to Random.
We chatted about what had gone wrong and how to fix it.

The final plan is :
find me a room to set up the protection spell
be guarded by Aron
Phil and Random will hunt down the new prince and find out wtf is happening



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