Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 1

Previously in the worlds of infinite shadow (and elsewhere)...

Dramatis Personae:
Aron, a simple farmboy and knight of the realm
Conrad, a dread necromancer and respected teacher
Phil Rake, a noir et blanc detective
Lord Random, a hellraising hellrider
Zuran, a troubleshooting oneiromancer

In which…
The best way to increase your flock of chickens is to drive a wagon through the barn.
A gorilla makes a poor ambassador.
Travelling by telephone turns out to be both simple and practical, thanks Syd.
Conrad gives a practical demonstration on the dangers of summoning.
Brand gives a practical demonstration on the dangers of merging realities.
White on white, a courtly joke at a youth’s expense, or does Bleys know more than he lets on?
Trueborn and by-blows meet the family on equal terms.
Random, Rake and Aron learn that the health benefits of pixie juice are overstated.
A bodyguard is the only person to injure his charge.
Sparring teaches something to everyone involved, even observers.
A test of pattern is set, but passed.
Was asking a monochromatic man to change the color of grass a cruel jest or a simple test?
A king is mildly annoyed. Everyone still has their head, so it was only mildly.
Tired of being crow-pecked, the necromancer flips the bird so he can flip the bird.
Arson runs in the family, Fiona is not sure whether to be amused or excited.
A trail runs cold, and cold again in shadow.
Even from ambush, human scale is briefly competent, then dead.
An exhausted torturer is not murdered in his sleep.



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