Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 2

Previously in infinite shadow, and elsewhere...

Guest starring:
Caine, prince of amber, commander of the fleet, and totally not the spymaster
Deirdre, prince of amber and warrior
Eric, prince of amber, Benedict’s second, and at least as trustworthy as Random
Fiona, prince of amber, and chief mad scientist.
Flora, prince of amber and femme fatale.
Gerard, prince of amber, and commander of the castle garrison
Julian, prince of amber, mask-faced and white armored ardent defender of arden.

In which:
Trump decks are given from fathers to sons.
Zurehn explores the family tree, and goes for a stroll with Flora. (Lots of courtiers now wish to kill him)
Flora appears disappointed to discover Phil is family.
We thought there wouldn’t be stealth. Also apparently one or more of us sucks at it.
Random springs a chaos trap, and throws the brunt of it onto Benedict
We thought there wouldn’t be stealth. Also apparently you shouldn’t try to hide from Julian in the heart of his domain.
A simple shopping trip turns into a military expedition
Amber is invaded by ship! Aron cuts a path through the enemy (at least that’s what people are saying)
A blue-scaled creature as strong as Gerard was the focus of the portal.
Part of Random’s and all of Benedict’s mind are trapped in another dimension. Fiona’s reaction is “ooh, time to do Science!”. Eric is barely affected by the contact.
There is a family war council.
It is revealed that Oberon is willing to reshape reality to his will when he decides he wants another son. But he didn’t bother to warn his children about it (or only his daughters paid attention). Hence the slew of grandchildren at the same time.
Zurehn is unclaimed, it is suggested he might be Osric’s – which is tactically interesting to Deirdre.
Deirdre is quite happy to risk Dworkin’s wrath by breaking into a cabinet to provide Zurehn with a trump deck.
By the way, Oberon has gone missing too.



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