Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 3

Previously in Amber and among the adversary's personal shadows

Introducing: Osric, the adversary.

In which:
The properties and limitations of trump are tested.
The armoury is requisitioned for the good stuff.
A military expedition is undertaken with all the careful forward planning of a shopping trip.
Friends are kept close, enemies closer.
Shock and awe is all sound and fury but signifying nothing.
Shit rolls downhill. Sorry Random.
The monochromatic man shows his true colours.
With sufficient time and patience, a whole series of shadows can be detached and shielded from intrusions.
If it looks like a trap, and smells like a trap, it’s probably a trap.
Breaking a tower in a toy city is taken as more of a victory than it looks like. But the tower does have the front door to Osrics sanctum.
A shot in the dark proves effective, at least in focusing ire in one specific direction.
The chance to parlay is denied to the one who needs it most.
Even the Enemy can show good manners.
Deirdre doesn’t enjoy being in charge, but can’t face the thought of Corwin leading a glorious defeat.
Deidre debriefs and gives a history lesson.
Random gets a medal! On second thoughts, not that one.

Apparently Finndo is keeping everyone else busy wrecking things too.


Random is refused entry to the generals’ tent. This may be significant, or not – he doesn’t have a reputation to uphold, after all…

Episode 3

Didn’t want to go in the stupid Generals’ Tent anyway.

Episode 3

He’s only been provably stupid once. That time you told him not to be.

Episode 3

That’s still more times than most people manage in several lifetimes.

Episode 3

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