Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 4

Hot and Cold

In which…
A mystery box remains mysterious, and Chekhov’s sword is left unfired.
An angry Random visits Rebma with questions about the family tree.
If the Queen went to very great length to lose somebody, please don’t go looking for her.
Fiona overwatches a polite conversation, and gives an object lesson in mental domination.
Texorami is too dangerous, hellride to the farm!
A shadow path is pulled aside, conflict on the planet of the apes!
Aron dodges a spear in the ribs – after all he couldn’t have twisted aside after being hit.
Random is surprisingly good with a sword – just like on the ship, the little guy is the one to watch out for.
Kalenwic is attacked by pale skinned war-maidens.
A war-maiden’s sword is too cold to handle.
Hamstrung prisoners can still leap at you.
Bleys’s blazing blue blade is the hammer on the knights shield-wall anvil.
Pattern cannot pierce the veil between realities, but others can step through if they are not decimated. Aron and Zurehn are barely discomforted by the experience.
Traveling by telephone is not entirely as advertised.
Aron and Random push each others’ buttons, again.
Fiona is once again our strongest asset, and once again driven to exhaustion.
Back to Texorami, a riot is in progress. News at 11.
Back to Texorami, this is no normal riot – Finndo, clad in blood-red battle dress is taking all comers. One at a time or all at once, it’s all the same.
Three of Amber’s best are no match for Amber’s best, but we’re not to refer to him that way… or preferably at all.
There is a Random shaped hole in a casino wall, and a crushed ankle to remember the experience.
Good stuff averts a greek tragedy.
Zurehn follows the money and gets rather lost
Random explains twin theory in a morphine haze. If he’s right, where are the sisters? If he’s wrong, it’s bad news for his twin sister.
Random doesn’t have a twin sister, there’s no such person as Mireille, if you heard otherwise you shouldn’t repeat it.
Now would be a good time to go to medical school.
Benedict is kept in chains in a hospital tent, more like a prisoner than a patient.



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