Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 5

Hell and Hellriding

In which…

If you can’t pull off God, Gold works too.
A train robbery goes off without a shot fired, but is hardly bloodless.
It’s called hellriding because you ride through hell.
A Prussian landsknecht explains the headless hesse.
Wyvern blood is not good for the complexion.
Maternal bonds are not always what a son might hope, but a rescue is planned.
Sorcery reveals true colours… or is the detector displaying the nearest match?
Portals just need an anchor.
Wolves defend the green heart.
A discussion is had, of theoretical metaphysics, and other things.
The king’s whereabouts are neither here nor there, but both sides of the fence.
A would-be general leads his army home in chains, and a general in chains awakens.
Fiona gives some practical instruction instead of object lessons.
Hell-maidens welcome us with open armes.
A flight from white, into shadow.
The best way to find out if there’s a snake under a rock is to put your hand in and feel around.



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