Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 6

Divisions and Decisions

Elsewhere in shadow, and beneath…

Phil’s passage has left a black tear in the veil, but on which side?
The white ladies bedevil the north road, but townsfolk are still fool enough to rob what merchants make it through.
There is a sniper in Kalenwic, but only a smiley face in the tower as a calling card.
Random gets a kick in the balls, but he asked for it.
Brand is not in the mood for metaphysical debate or half-baked barriers.
If nobody will volunteer for science, he is not afraid to step up himself.
We see what lies beneath, and choices are made about true natures.
A grandfather’s shadow’s ghost offers advice in exchange for sweet blood
An orb divided is a problem squared.
Orbs don’t offer advice, orbs like sweet thought and savoury memory.
Statues don’t offer advice either, they just ask black and white questions.
A Brand divided is a problem doubled.
Being exploded is just the thing to put a bit of colour in your cheeks.
Failing that, a cup of tuppeny ale and a good nights’ sleep in the hayloft.
Four veils are pierced in the dark, without witnesses.
A free company have the good sense to form a wedge behind the superman.
Eventually, dangerous secrets will out.
Decisions made are choices gone, the hardest part is yet to come…



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