Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 7

chaos and Chaos

Brand attacks Fiona, Julian is upset.
Brand shatters into black and white fragments
Eric sucker punches Corwin
Brand steps through a trump gate, and is sucker punched.
Julian attacks Brand and Brand, a bit more than strictly necessary
Fiona absconds with Benedict and stashes him somewhere safe. Probably not a court of chaos, but you never know.
Brand and Brand’s cards have traded colours with Phil.
Eric sends the young pups to lead a cavalry mop up, should be a milk run.
They brought a cave troll. Also Finndo. Also this is the main force.
Finndo has a personal quarrel for Aron, and unsurprisingly good aim.
Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of Arden. (Julian has 86 points of dogs)
Julian declines a duel with Finndo, but every dog has its day.
The tower has changed, a window pierces the veil.
Bleys throws a bomb through Osric’s portal, for a change of pace.
How much a 30 foot drop hurts depends mostly on what you land on.
Hellmaids fight all challengers one on one, unless boys play with their swords in front of them.
A rope of hope works less well than one would like.
Bleys gets sucker punched, probably wasn’t Finndo as his skull is mostly intact. Mostly.
Less a siege, more a live-fire training area.
Boy-kings never grow old.
Random asks for a kick in the balls, and gets one again. Osric finds this more amusing than actual brain frying.
Random and Osric discuss dad issues and Dad’s issues. Politely, this time.
If the General isn’t here, there’s nothing more to learn, either that or a bluff is being called.



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