Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 8

Back of Beyond

A brave plan, and a not quite so brave plan.
Both boil down to “redirect the hellmaidens onto Finndo”
The red prince may be a worthy opponent, but not the apostate they are looking for.
Come in peace, get nailed to a tree by your aunt.
Taunting banners don’t work if the other side doesn’t recognise the taunt.
Under gunfire, there is an impasse in Kalenwic.
The tower is full of bear traps, baited with cake, hand grenades, alarm clocks and other “random” items. Osric likes the personal touch.
Reinforcements from Texorami, Tonies with Tommy-guns
Greek Tony is the Don’s least favourite Tony.
Tony recognised King Owyn, as “kid-face”, a mob boss from Texorami
The hellmaids are withdrawing, despite their advantage.
Zurehn puts two and two together and plans a rescue.
Fiona wants to come along for the hellride.
Her skills are needed to get this car back on the road.
There are factions.
Seed-based metaphor doesn’t work when somebody has never seen a seed.
Hendrake is not a faction, a faction does not obey its Princeps.
When you’re in a hole, time to start digging.
Failing that, claws are good for fighting too.
Strong legs are good for running and leaping.
Black sticky grass that grasps, not the grass you wanted, but the grass you needed.
’Twas a dark and stormy night, when two white cats run and fight neath a swaying willow.
So which faction are you, dear interlocutor?
Finndo liked Texorami so much he made his own. With blackjack and hookers. Those were already there.
Bat of my desire… bat flies off
Cat of my desire… Fiona puts a tracking collar on the cat first
The headlamps of a lavender Cadillac illuminate a battered and bloody Aron alone beneath the tree.

Out of the fire, and into the frying pan

Fiona loses her temper and spills family blood. All the better for blood magic.
Osric knows who Zurehn’s parent is, “You’re my nephew”
Zurehn negotiates for Random and Aron, Osric is more interested in Fiona.
Random immediately breaks the terms of the truce, and gets in a gunfight with somebody who brought a barrier.
Fiona rends the veil. Kalenwic is reduced to rubble. A small price for freedom.
(Also Fiona has put up with enough shit for one day)
Random has Aron arrested, then explains what for.
Zurehn negotiates bail, with Random as bondsman.
Putting Random in charge of this mess means Julian doesn’t have to be.
We need to find a sword that will cut through Finndo’s armour.
No, we need a tank.
In fact we need a tank brigade.
“Sleep or Coke?” “There’s no time for sleep”
Prince Random of Amber is very important and you should listen to what he has to say.
Lightning is not for beginners, storms and teleports and molten lava are much better.

Die Walk├╝re

Another power is interested, armoured cavalry on black horses charge down the hillside
Zurehn unleashes the storm – chaos in the Chaos camp.
Terrible plans do work, indirectly, Finndo is fighting the hellmaidens.
Random gives him a high explosive tank shell to the face – Finndo bounces, but that got his attention.
Random still has a broken ankle, but Aron is fit for running again.
Finndo cuts apart tanks, hellmaidens and a general with equal ease.
But a rider’s spear pierces his shoulder. Not quite a sword, but close enough.
Beneath the fray, Aron grabs the Chaos commander, then goes back for her other half.
Two decks, one of ours and one of theirs.
Random offers to take Finndo prisoner, which goes as well as anyone who hasn’t inhaled a bowl of bolivian marching powder might expect.
Zurehn unleashes extraction protocol – The tank, occupants, and Finndo on the roof, are transported back to the ruins of Kalenwic.
When a sword slices through the roof, Random retaliates with a shotgun. Inside a tank.
Escape to Fiona’s bunker, where Random passed out.
Fiona takes the Chaos Trump for safe keeping. Nobody conscious is surprised by their existence.

Brand, the modern Prometheus? Or does Julian carve his face for fun?


Random didn’t break the truce. Osric or his minion opened fire first, Random din’t even know where [specifically] they were until that happened.

Episode 8

I mean, not unexpected – but Zurehn’s deal was that Zurehn wouldn’t assist Fiona – Random didn’t have any kind of deal with Osric at all.

Episode 8

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