Amber: The Next Generation

Episode 9

Pattern and Patter

Eric is intrigued by the black swords, but can’t spare anyone useful.
Random is still sleeping off the effects.
Perhaps it’s a magic powder that sends sleep into the future?
An elegant theory, but met with skepticism.
Almost as much skepticism as explaining sorcery as “Fiona did it”
((This is actually possible, but only a sorceror would know that))
Back in the castle, the pattern is quiet but the seal has gone.
It is at least the same shape and colour…
Items have been stolen from Benedict’s room, or Corwyn just wants somebody out of the way.
Sounds like a job for a detective.
Phil gets a new nickname and a new suit of armour.
Random offers Aron some truly terrible advice, but probably meant well.
Zurehn learned exactly the wrong lesson from Fiona
Luckily, Zurehn is a good friend and you can trust him.
Two days’ ride is preferable to trumping anyone at the moment, but it gives Random’s ankle a chance to heal a bit.
Hell-crawling is as useless as predicted for finding anything, except enemy camps and six-legged wolves.
Phil’s “safe place” is a black and white crystal cave.
Only Phil is surprised, and terrified, by this.
Brand tells Random not to trust Eric
Julian helps Brand get his heads together, and something goes off in the camp.
Brand was in no state to make a call – Julian and Random run off.
Brand does not need Fiona’s lessons, he knows all the wrong lessons already.
Luckily Zurehn has a good and loyal friend to kick him out of it.
Deirdre is back on her feet, and has actual good advice.
“Ears” has also healed, guess he’s Phil again for now. His safe places are more conventional as well.

((OOC: episode 8 was the Aron show, so I wanted other people’s personal stories to have some time. Also Aron isn’t feeling particularly “brave” right now.))



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