Amber: The Next Generation

GM Notes - Episode 10

Getting a feel

I’ve started getting the different voices of the Elders clear in my head. This is faintly amusing, as we’re in an end-game of an arc, and Elders may die. Time to work out which threads might be cut short there, and deal with them, or at least acknowledge them and then be cruel.

Episode 10, I kicked some plots into touch that the PCs hadn’t noticed. I checked with one of the players who’s pretty quiet that he was enjoying his PC, and he was, and that’s fine. I can always throw more plot at him, he said, but he wasn’t suffering from a lack as such. He’s not as enthusiastic as the others, but during the session it seemed he enjoyed himself. I gave him some foreshadowing and he tucked it away and elected ICly to believe it was just fever dreams – and I am OK with that. Some stuff that happens to him comes out at odd times. Other stuff I don’t know yet. And if he wants to make a decision that a dream with the King in is just a dream, this does not worry me. It’s funny, too.

I had some hidden PCs revealed, and Osric had a win against Fiona (sort of) and Finndo got creamed, but not killed, which was prevented by PC action and accident. Oh, Bad Stuff, how cool you are.

I’ve also worked out how to deal with the fact all these Elders are massively powerful, egotistical, and in many ways central to an ongoing campaign. Nobody’s immortal; let this lesson be learned if people die.



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