Amber: The Next Generation

GM Notes - Episode 2

Being some slightly shorter notes than the last episode, I hope

This week’s session was in a pub. It worked well enough, but it was a little cramped. I ate a lot. Bribes to the GM usually come in the form of tea I have already paid for and someone else has made, but I’ll accept pizza as it turns out.

The session shook down things that had been started the session before – we had a stub of an adventure to continue. For this session, I kept people together, and I’m not too worried about that. There were some episodes where they were apart, and they got a bit of plot each before they started or during the game, but mostly they were kind of together and kind of doing the same sort of thing. This makes it easier on me and gives them less down time, but it also gives them less autonomy.

Writing this a couple of weeks later, when the system is no longer new to them, I’m glad I herded them a bit, and I’m going to try to herd them less.



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