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GM Notes - Episode 3

Being even less ranting, but some more notes

This session we settled into a house we’ll probably use a lot. (Thanks, host!) There was cake. There was arguing. One of the players didn’t like some IC stuff that was crossing over a bit.

Context: One of the players wasn’t new to the campaign, and he was playing someone with hooks and a ready-made personality. It made for a slight difference in how his PC worked compared to the others – he was more able to dictate how the world went. Another player took exception to that, and left.

I don’t think there was much I could, or even should, have done. I’m alert to the fact of this PC dictating the world, although I should have made it more clear that it was only his interpretation he was dictating. This was the same player who hadn’t liked how his character turned out under the mechanics of the rules. He hadn’t paid much attention to my proposed solution, or come up with his own, and he’d missed a week. I was already struggling to keep him fed with stuff to do while not being unfair on the others, so now I no longer have to balance that.

ETA: The next week, one of the players mentioned the potential difference and how he could see it could be a problem, but that right now it wasn’t. I’m aware of it, but I should make sure I’m not pushed back towards just agreeing with the old hand over how the universe is, for the sake of ease.


(wrt to the private comment – I’m happy for it to be public, as it was said in the open)

GM Notes - Episode 3

FWIW I’m entirely ok with Random being wrong about the world. He’s just young, inexperienced and overconfident. And a Prince, you know.

GM Notes - Episode 3

nodnodnod It’s a GM thing. I like letting my PCs define the world, and sometimes that includes the NPC reactions. Sometimes, of course, it doesn’t. I am getting a clearer image of the elders and their personalities now, so Random may well step right in it.

GM Notes - Episode 3

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