Amber: The Next Generation

GM Notes - Episode 4

Hardly any ranting at all

Back to the pub. Different table. Three players, so people had more time.

Individual plots started popping up. I’m very bad at writing short arcs and short campaigns.

I did push people together again, but I’ve also let them know that they don’t have to go together. As long as they are OK with down time, I’m OK with giving them that. They’re also free to use that time to flesh out the world, work out what’s up, write up diaries, talk to people if those people are available, and the like.

This means I need to sort out proper comms methods for those who are not core to the setting. I’ve started on that, but I can see a bidding war where various sorcerors and magicians try to be the one to provide that service. It’s a little inconvenient for the PCs not to be able to talk to each other, in a universe that’s the size of Amber, but it’s also not necessarily right to make sure they can’t. The problem is, my first attempt at fixing this gave people the ability to talk to the really big guns of the campaign, so I let that horse escape.

Crippling half of the big guns and making the other half dangerous to know may have been a bit cruel. May have.

The communication/travel balance is the one I want to work out next, I think. It’s part of the going-off-on-your-own that makes Amber into Amber. The PCs have autonomy. They don’t have to have ease, but the players shouldn’t be screwed over. Ho-hum.



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