Amber: The Next Generation

GM Notes - Episode 5

Ow ow ow ow ow

I had a horrible headache, and I thought I might have to bail, but a player reminded me to rehydrate, and there were painkillers, and it left eventually.

This made the game into what for me was almost perfect. Most of it was light touch. I was struggling in conversations with significant NPCs, and so when the PCs were talking to each other IC, I didn’t interupt that, and that was probably a really good thing. I spent some time listening to various theories, attempts at science, conspiracies, treasonous blurtings, and terrible ideas, and didn’t put my oar in at all. I’m always happy to amend my world if the players come up with better ideas than I’ve had, so I took the chance to listen.

One of the players didn’t have much interaction with the others, so I ran more for him, but in his down time he wrote up his diary, and he didn’t mind the lay-out of the session. Next week I have a player with a habit of doing interesting things that need a GM, so the style will be different, but I’m going to try to stay distant and well back, and see if that works.

The bad stuff character got rolled on by a wyvern, taken prisoner by his own mercenary company, and was then blown up a little. The good stuff characters got attacked by wolves.

Good Stuff Guy, with his massive dose of good luck, had a terrible plan. I felt it was incumbent on the universe to stop him from doing that, so he had a chance to talk with someone he trusted. I think this will keep happening if he keeps on having bad plans in public. Obviously the universe is conspiring to keep him alive as a grand sacrifice, and I can’t argue with that.

Later the headache went away and Much Excitement Was Had By All.

I like leaving the game at a cliff hanger. With a really regular group you can do that, and I’ve got a really regular group for once. No scrabbling to make sure of who’s coming /this/ week. Getting one of the players to deal with that as a contribution was a good thing.



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