Amber: The Next Generation

GM Notes - Episode 6

Yeah, that went OK

Four players, they mostly kept each other busy, they had enough interaction. The people off on their own did their own stuff – it all seemed to work. I had an IC rage at someone and threw an IC tantrum.

There’s a potential problem that’s IC, that one of the PCs keeps poking the assumptions of all of the major NPCs. This is only an OOC problem in that I will have to work out who betrays his confidence first. Some of the assumptions are definitely wrong. He’s wrong about some of them. I need to keep those clear in my head.

Now the black-and-white PC has settled down to being in colour I need to work out what that means, too. I’ve got a bit of time as Phil’s in a massive fever.

Need to work out various deeper plot points. I know such things as why Osric is doing what he is doing, and I know what he /did/. How he’s dealing with the details like the war with Amber is a different question.



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