Amber: The Next Generation

GM Notes - Episode 9

Hrrrm. Timing and Pacing

The PCs spent most of today in non-peril RP, with me just nudging things from time to time. I added mystery to a couple of plots, and I threw in a swerve, but the main plot didn’t progress. I did start off with a PC told ‘do this’, but then there was a lot of discussion. Play happened by committee,

This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just that I signposted by planning the campaign’s underlying truths that the main plot was the Big Thing. (It might not be. The swerve might be the Big Thing. But I need to make up my mind and then at least trundle along that path.)

I’ve wanted the PCs to find out a few things on their own, and some of those have happened and some haven’t. If I present them on a plate, it’s all about my story, suddenly. People did come along to the game knowing there would be my story, and I can tie them up in it ICly, but they also have their own stories. So, I need to bind those together more. I’ve been throwing in too many sorts of ninjas, and it can probably turn out that some of them are related. (Some already are.)

Binding together the plots, and probably putting them in partial opposition, strikes me as the best way to get things going and give the PCs a hard time while the players have a good time. Now it’s just details, right?



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