Amber: The Next Generation

The Chronicles of Random 2

Wall and Piece(s)

Noticed the big wall-of-princes was incomplete. Servants wouldn’t talk about it. Mother avoiding me or unavailable. Most of my siblings ducking the issue. Dad absent. Eventually got to talk to Flora, found out some of what happened. Decided to go to Rebma and find out more.

Discussed things in Rebma. Some facts, maybe. No real answers. Decided to stay and have a think, L kindly put me up. Call from Aron. Didn’t seem urgent so brushed him off, not his personal shadow taxi. He can hoof it across the Pattern like the rest of us if he wants the power.

Long walk up the stair, time to think – but got a call in from Fi asking for help. Probably just throwing me a bone but what the hell, was feeling stabby anyway so went through. Bunch of monkeys with spears, easy enough to kill. Called up a car and headed out towards home, but gribbly Osric fingerprints all over it.

Diverted to the capital of Bensfarmville (note: Find out name of place before talking to Ben), found it overrun by weird pale creatures slaughtering the place. Got a real bad vibe off them. Fi did some mystic stuff while we killed them back. They seemed to regenerate or something and their swords burned like dry ice if you touched them. Also one set fire to my face but Fi put it out (magic fire, apparently). Called in Bleys, between us we got
the place sorted out.

Shadow had been cut in half, at least for any real people – the shadows could still see the other side of the city but for us real people just a grey void. The shadows do sometimes die when crossing over though, so I guess Osric did a number on this place.

Captured a creature and threw it to Bleys, got the militias to make sure all the creatures were properly dead, headed off for home. Finndo was there, wrecking up the place. Fi seemed under attack, more mystic gribbly Osric nonsense I guess. Obvious trap, but called it in, Deirdre said we go for it. Deirdre and me and Gerard, that is. Zed wandered off somewhere. Aron was back at Bensfarmville City.

Turns out Finndo is much harder than he looks. Stabbed Deirdre, pummelled Gerard. Got pummelled back, but stupid armour. Had a go anyway, got shoved face first through a wall. Tried to call in help while he was dragging me away but he just crushed my leg. Hurt like a bastard. He didn’t seem all that hell bent on killing anyone of us though, which was kind of surprising.

Ended up in camp with a crushed leg. Gerard’s got some broken bones (which never happens). Deirdre’s going to be out of it for a while. Tried to talk Julian into making Gerard some armour, he said he didn’t like that idea. Nearly told him to suck it up but decided had enough broken bones.

Going to sleep now.

Worst. Day. Ever.


And it was your first day too.

The Chronicles of Random 2

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