Amber: The Next Generation

The Chronicles of Random 3

When you step into the void, it's a better idea not to

Woke up in hospital. Leg still broken. Ordered up some crutches and hobbled off to see Gerard. Was having a quick chat with him about the Finndo situation when I got a call from Z, something about Phil exploding. A prince’s work is never done.

Turned out they were back in Bensfarmville City. They were poking the scar in the universe with Phil, and he touched it and kind of got wedged into the gap or something. Left behind Phil-shaped-ish two-dimensional black blob.

Pretended to know what the hell was going on for a bit while Aron went off to do something in the not-world on the other side of the rift that the shadows say is still there (For all I know Osric is right on the other side staring at us. Creepy, now that I think on it). Called Brand and asked him if he could find Phil, said to call back in a bit.

Decided not to keep standing next to what could be Osric and hobbled away, which was lucky as someone started shooting at me. Hobbled faster and got to cover with Z. Z went to get soldiers or help or something. Took the opportunity to report in to C. Took
opportunity to report news from Z that pale creatures/white women/blasphemous things had been at Ben’s farm and not immediately hostile. Left call, then waited.

Eventually Z rounded up some local knights and whatnot and took the book depository but the gunman had left. Decorated the place with a ☺ motif in bullets, left lots of unused ammunition behind. Weird.

Called back in to C, he asked for a bullet, passed it through and it exploded. (Must stop handing things to people through Trump, never ends well). Called E to let him know C and B might have exploded a bit. He took it well.

Had discussion with Z about how you interrupt Trump calls. Got call from Brand telling me I hadn’t called back in time. Cut me off. Jackass. Told Z to call him back. Moments later someone tried to fry my brain via Trump. Z eventually noticed and used secret Trump interrupting technique we’d just discussed: Didn’t work, attacker just turned pain back on me – Fortunately this made me pass out.

Woke up on a shield on the ground next to phil-blob and Brand. Brand said that Osric had tried to extarct my super secret knowledge of our plans. Perhaps he’s not as smart as he’s been made out to be. (Osric, that is). Also said I should go through the blob. Said only for a huge favour, and not without my crutches. Brand gave me crutch and tried to throw me through blob (sans favour). Turns out he’s weak vs a crutch to the face.

Brand stepped through the blob and disappeared in a shower of multi-coloured sparks. Told Aron to follow him. Surprised when he did. Of all the days to pick to start following orders.

Quick discussion w Z, then got Z to call Fi. She came through, said there was nothing else she could do here then left. Z said we should go through. Against better judgement said “What the hell” and tried to go through but could not. Tragically upsetting. Built fence around blob with help of Z and local carpenters (the ones that didn’t die on contact with rift, anyway). Put up sign. “Abomination: Do Not Enter”

Decided to hobble off back out of the kill zone. Got Trump call from Brand⁻, said he had cloned himself and not to trust him. Then got call from Brand⁺, who said he had cloned himself, and not to trust him.

Happy enough to oblige both.

Called in new situation to C. Good news: C relatively unexploded. Also took news of Brand² situation as well as could be expected: Moderate face-palming, with a why-me front moving in from the south. Asked if he could execute any and all Brands. While pleased at promotion to legal counsel to the throne in absentia, decided to duck the question on account of not wanting to die horribly.

Came out of call to find Z locked in some sort of mental fugue while gripping Brand’s Trump. Belted him about the head a few times with a heavy stick until he snapped out of it. claimed to be just fine and in control. Hindsight: May have clubbed him too hard about the head.

With abomination-void-gate securely locked away behind rickety wooden fence headed off into shadow with Z to investigate a possible aspect of his background which the communication device Fi gave him may have revealed (possible link with Finndo). Laid destiny on him to find M as she could be key to whether the communications device is accurate.

Destiny led us to Arden anyway, which is confusing. Before we got much further detoured via camp. Got call from Aron, who was apparently alive. Took him to Julian to report (Z waited outside). Aron said phil-blob led directly to Pattern chamber (!). Glad we put up the fence now. Julian said he’d give orders to have it guarded.

Discovered Phil also alive, and now in full colour, and off fighting Finndo’s forces. Left Aron with Julian, headed off to find Phil and relieve him and his troops.

Brief discussion – gate had not taken Phil to Pattern chamber. Took report from Phil, then passed that report and notes from Aron’s report to C. Note did not explode, for a nice change of pace.

Headed off w. Phil and Z to try and find way back to strange shadow he’d gone to but was dead end. Gave Z gun to test cave we found was actually dead end. Z shot cave, shrapnel hit Phil, who bled black and white at first, then colour, then developed a very high fever.

Z called Fi and deposited Phil with her. Rode back out into shadow.

Better day that the last one, anyway.


‘He took it well.’ Hahahaha.

The Chronicles of Random 3

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