Amber: The Next Generation

The Chronicles of Random 4

Nobody ever listens.

Stuck in camp with leg still broken.
Told to sort caterpillars – assumed this was stupid joke but did it anyway.
Eric was telling Corwin NO about something.
Sent adjutant who brought the orders up to Eric with a bogus note,
Eric used it as a distraction to sucker-punch Corwin: That’ll probably come up next accusemas.
Brand popped in and started attacking Eric with some finger-wiggly stuff, Corwin still down.
Sent caterpillar corporal to go find Fiona.
No-one else around and Eric apparently weak versus finger-wiggling so grabbed crutches and hobbled off, called Julian in, he turned up and punched B in the head till unconscious.
Heard scream, hobbled off again, found black-and-white Brand thing attacking Fiona. Turned out this Brand still weak versus a crutch to the head.
Brand-thing dissolved into little black and white pieces then disappeared.
Fiona relatively unharmed. Went to find Eric.
Eric said Corwin wanted to arrest Benedict.
Fiona went into the tent and disappeared with Benedict.
Eric had a little moment about that. Called Bleys in, Bleys said she’d teleported out.
Later talked to Eric about what to do with Brand while Julian was punched Brand more than was strictly necessary. Eric asked who I’d get to put Brand in a bottle and I said “Brand”.
Eric obviously impressed with my Zen-like brilliance so he trumped Brand in then sucker punched him. Must get some sort of face guard for next conversation with Eric. Left both Brands with Julian for supplementary punching.
Brand’s cards all black-and-white, the way Phil used to be. Very strange. Also duplicated, which is supposed to be impossible.
Headed out into shadow Arden to fend off another sortie from Ozzie and Finn,
turned out they’d brought a giant lumbering dangerous armoured creature.
And a cave troll.
Heroically distracted troll, then led it back towards enemy forces – about as successful as you’d think, until Finn killed it. Oh well.
Called it in to Eric from a safe distance. Asked me if I wanted out but I said no, fine, but Finn here. Told to stand off and wait.
Julian’s doggies turned up at this point and turned most of Finn’s troops into dog-chow. Very impressive.
Couldn’t take down Finn though but he did have to bail. On his way out Julian did the standing silhouetted on a hill thing, dropped a gauntlet, and rode off.
Probably very symbolic.
Turned out Finn had shot Aron through the horse. Glad it wasn’t me this time.
Ended up in BF City with Aron again. Can’t remember why, probably seemed important at the time. Oh, right. Went to fetch one Ozzie’s bullets.
Up in the book depository tower, found a giant glass window. Very strange, too modern for the shadow. Also gave view out into the other side of the veil. Tower appears to be some sort of access ramp/trap into Ozzie’s half of this shadow.
Called Bleys – he tried to brush me off but I played the I-know-something-you-want-to-know card. He came through. Said it was a very impressive sell then blew it up. Agreed he would levitate us across as the dimensional ramp was only up in the air, not on the ground. Once he lost the spell and we crashed, he would trump out so he wasn’t in Ozzie’s trap any more. Figured he wouldn’t listen, but good for an I told you so down the line.
Other side of BFC, found weird pale creatures semi-besieging city.
Called back to Bleys from private room, he passed in a spy.
Challenged some of the Pale Creatures. Figured out they seem to be learning from each combat.
Tried to use the Pattern on one of their swords, made it catch fire.
Aron tried to heroically and nobly get himself gutted by the creatures,
had to ride out and save him with some BFC knights.
Back in city, threw grappling hook to tower window, tried to climb across but couldn’t get across the barrier. Aron made it. Found Bleys concussed there.
Told Aron to get Bleys back to the city even if he didn’t want to go.
Met Witold and King O and told them they were doing the right thing by stalling, what the creatures were doing. Talked to KO alone, he got his guys to start building a ski-lift to the tower once I figured I couldn’t shadow-shift here.
KO recognised Ozzie’s trump, but not Finn’s.
Ozzie turned up and cut our line out while I was on it. Managed to hit the ground without dying. Ozzie called in to gloat. Aron misinterpreted the situation and kicked me in the balls. Ozzie laughed, broke call.
Called back to gloat more. Recalled he was standing in a room full of gunpowder while taunting me, so grabbed a lantern and winged it through the window.
Ozzie had to jump out of the window. Took a few shots but don’t think I hit him.
Called back to taunt me some more and feed me a bunch of probably-almost-true stuff designed to make us all turn on one another.
Said the creatures were from “chaos”, and not his.
Made me grovel to throw us a line out of here.
Grovelled, added it to Ozzie’s tally.
Creatures called for “Son of Amber”, brief scuffle amongst themselves.
Looks like they’re looking for Ben.
Tried to tell the creatures he wasn’t here, they decided to rush the city.
Got nowhere to run, so will have to figure out a way to save city. And me.
Here goes plan B.



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