Amber: The Next Generation

The Chronicles of Random 5

I call it plan… B

Made it out alive: Recap time.

Pale creature horde charging city, no pattern, no trump out,
leg still broken. Aron appeared to have bugged out some way
he didn’t share with me.

Got one of the farmvillians (farmvilites? farmese?) to evac
all of my cards except Finn’s and Ozzie’s. Got Witold to
concentrate the attacking horde in a semi-contained kill
zone, challenged the creatures from the top of a tower and
threw them Finn’s card in a box as bait. Hoped they’d fight
over it and/or leave, didn’t really work out that way (though
they took the card, so there was that).

Fought off attacking hellcreatures for a bit, they crucified
one of their own and used it as a banner, really not sure why.

Then sudden trump call out of nowhere from Z. Took the opportunity
to bail out. Talked it over with Z, went to go get reinforcements
from Texorami. Got back with troops from the Don but turned out
Ben had stashed his own force here for emergencies, fought off
first wave, then creatures withdrew. Unclear why.

Z tried to contact Aron, but the sphere went hellcreature-blue
instead of the normal colour. Guessed his escape plan went worse
than mine. My trump evac guy turned up, got deck back off him.

Back on other side of veil, talked to Witold and Owyn – Owyn
wanted to go after Aron, asked him to delay as sure it was a
lost cause (for him anyway). Turned out at this point Owyn was
ex-Texorami bigshot.

Called in to Fiona, she insisted on coming in. Said it was a
bad idea but no-one listened. Once far enough from Ozzie’s veil
thingy could shadow shift again. Drove on, no real sign of
Aron. Got stuck in weird gribbly grass-tentacles, Fiona had
to break out the Royal Way.

Tried creature of desire – on second attempt Fiona explained
how to track one and we zoomed in on it – found Aron covered
in blood and cuts, obviously from a fight. Seemed pretty well
healed from Finn’s shot to the leg though.

Headed back for BFC, got there – Ozzie was in the tower when
Z got there (as predicted). Z said they cut a deal – Z could
bring me and Aron out, but not Fiona. Fiona said she could bust
out if necessary. Aron let slip that his contact sphere and
deck were in enemy hands. Fiona expressed displeasure.
Convinced Fiona that Aron more useful alive than dead.

With Aron unconscious, she did a temporary nerve-staple thingy
on my leg and I trumped through to the tower with Aron.
Tried to call Fiona but Ozzie opened fire (pretty much as
expected) – bailed out down the stairs.

Trumped back to camp and had Julian put Aron under arrest,
then explained why he was under arrest. Julian almost
blinked at that one.

Aron came to, remarkable ungrateful at the number of times
I’d saved his life so far in one day.

Fiona blew up BFC and punched through the veil, then came
through. Julian super-upset, said this was Ozzie’s plan all
along. Left in a huff. Then Fiona left.

After some back and forth Julian released Aron into my custody
and Team Expendable headed out to get the deck back.

No time for sleep, so brought a tank and a truckload of coke.
Headed out into shadow, crash course in sorcery for Z.
Despite less than 24 hours of training, Z still much more
useful than Captain Firehorse. Must recommend him for a medal.

Aron let slip he knew something about enemy HQ and had a way
there but we wouldn’t like it. Seemed awfully well informed.

Beefed up tank to tank batallion and helldrove towards Aron’s
pager – arrived to find 3 way battle – hellcreatures, black
riders, and Finn – already underway. Opened with a tank shot
to Finndo’s head. No damage, but did knock him over.

Cried havoc and let slip the tanks of war. Z let loose a spell
that set off a mini-super-storm where the sphere was. Headed
for there, Aron jumped out to head for it while we spread some
artillery based mayhem.

Aron came back with a corpse, black rider stabbed Finn. Impressive.
On way out, offered Finn a way out by trump if he surrendered.
He was quite rude, so shot him again. Z magicked us back to
BFC crater, Finn came along and started hacking up the tank,
Z trumped us out. Not sure what happened after that, passed out.

Came to in camp, apparently everyone still alive, mission a success.
Discussed some intel gained on the mission with Julian and Fiona.



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