Amber: The Next Generation

The Chronicles of Random 6

Secrets and Lies

Mostly quiet day, for a change.

Came to in Arden camp, Julian was his usual unsympathetic self
but did seem interested in the black riders who could stab Finndo.
Also asked if he know what Aron was holding out on us about, but
he said no, maybe get him to talk to his dad and listen in.

Went back to my hut, talked to Fiona, she said not a good idea
for Aron to talk to Ben, but maybe explain to him that it’d
be better for Ben for him (Aron) not to have held out on us
when the shit finally does hit the fan.

Gave it a shot, no dice. Also gave Z a chance to fess up to
whatever secret deal he has going with Ozzie, he talked to Caine
but no dice there either, ducked telling Caine everything.
Rather him than me. Probably be executions all round over this
lot when dad gets back. Figure he’s Finndo’s son, based on
what I know so far, but can’t prove it yet.

Corwin told Aron to go find Ben’s sword, which was missing.
Probably a trap, but probably not a trap for me, so figured
what the hell.

Lot of dithering as people decided what to do. Phil came back,
still in colour. Aron said no to walking the pattern and popping
to the sword, Z and Aron did some sort of mind meld thing but
apparently it didn’t work. Apparently Ben also missing some
sort of Jewelry box sized box thing.

Z also seemed to desperately want to pretend he wasn’t a sorcerer.
I think maybe he’s been overdoing it. Or not doing it enough.
Whatever it is.

Eventually agreed to teach Aron how to walk towards an item in
shadow and we set off. Either he wasn’t trying to find it or he’s
got zero talent for this shit, because he was terrible at it,
we just ran over some of Finn’s troops and had to hoof it through
shadow. Dealt with the troops (some sort of all-terrain wolf things)
and let Phil take us to a safe place. Weird black-and-white shadow
cave full of crystals.

Z was definitely not working on a spell to port us somewhere while
I called Eric to keep him posted on the troop movements: Call got
cut off by some sort of explosion or something.

Got a call from Brand who told me not to trust Eric. Weird.
Like anyone ever trusts Brand or Eric. Called Julian,
he told me he had fixed Brand. Pulled us through, told him about my talk
with Brand and he bolted for Eric’s tent. Went after. Guessed
he was revising his opinion of his success with Brand at that point.

Eric KO’d, at least one more Brand on the loose than we expected.
Went to tell Deirdre she was in charge, we had a chat about Finn’s
semi-vulnerability to repeated artillery shells to the head.

Settled down in my hut to wait. Got a call from Brand. A new one,
this time. Or, well, an old one. Seemed… unsure of himself?
Pulled him through. Didn’t remember me, or try to fry my brain,
or act superior. Very unsettling.

Seemed to want to drink some of my blood (ok, that was more like
the Brand we all know and love). Didn’t let him drink direct
but gave him a cupful. He said that would hold him for a bit.

Sent an adjutant out to go get Julian and settled down for a
chat with Brand.



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