Amber: The Next Generation

The diary of Zurehn - Chapter 3

I woke at the foot of a bed in an opulent room.

A room with The King in it.

He told me, quite clearly, that I was “dimension hopping and it was causing a problem”.

I tried to explain myself, that it wasn’t under my control – that I was doing what I could to learn how to win in every world/shadow and to get better!

I got as far as “I was…” before he interrupted to ask me if he was unclear.

“No!” was all I could utter before I was dismissed through the door.

I left with my new task. A task unlike any I’d previously faced. I needed to find a way to stop this “dimension hopping”. All I could think about was to do all I could to never sleep again. It would probably break me, but how can you disobey an order from The King?

Luckily, not long after, I met Bleys who reassured me that there actually was someone who could help!

My choices were a brother who was intermittently and frequently not very helpful, and a younger sister, Fiona, who simply required politeness.

Obviously I chose the sister – I may not always know the perfect etiquette, but I can usually defer appropriately.

He spoke to a piece of card, which spoke back, and after a quick discussion I was taken through? the card to a room on fire! I was told to “not move” so I remained stationary as Fiona and Bleys moved a magic pentacle somehow inside out and managing to expand it so it spread out, so as to protect more of the room and the contents (including us!) within it.

A brief chat with Fiona led me to learn that my means of transport was a matter of discussion amongst the Elders, perhaps up to the level of The King, and perhaps unknown even to The King!

Things that are unknown are worrying.

Worrying things tend to get handled with destruction of the unknown.

Fiona and Bleys reassured me that travel through the card wasn’t the dimension hopping in question, and I wouldn’t need to worry about angering The King through its use.

I also learned that Fiona’s house was A House, and not a shadow – I still don’t understand these words but I’m getting closer to an understanding.

After a brief picnic, Bleys and Fiona cleared the house, using the expanding and modifying pentacle.

I was asked for my thoughts on what happened and I clearly identified that the room, and the house as a whole, had been set ablaze simultaneously. Usually there’s some sort of ignition point, a spark, some way that the fire starts before spreading but here everything appeared to have ignited at the same time, everywhere, all at once.

Fiona gave me a new quest, to identify who caused this.

She identified it as “an enemy”, but luckily no name – so my new mission is to find who did this, and, at the same time, find how I’m “dimension hopping”.

I hope that the project will count enough to mean I don’t need to stay awake to fend off my magical sleep “jumping”. And hopefully I can solve why I’m hopping, and stop it, before it happens again. It would seem to be a waste of the time I’ve spent learning how to beat worlds if I am to be destroyed by The King for being out of place.



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