Amber: The Next Generation

The diary of Zurehn - Chapter 4

I was able to finish talking to Fiona at the ruins of her house and we confirmed my missions.

Fiona let me know that I am now in Amber, which is the reality that is the realest.

1) She believes if I find out who my forebears are it will help me with my dimension-hopping problem. Because the other solution would be death.

The suggested first port of call is perhaps Brand – the smoking man who set the party, and made the mistake of smoothing together the acrobats and dancers.

(So I now know Bleys, the fancy man, Ben(edict) the farming General, Brand the party man, and the one who switches from helpful to antagonistic, and back, over time).

2) We’ve concluded the fire was set magically, but that still would have required someone to have skulked around all night setting some magical marks for the fire to start everywhere at once.

In either case Fiona’s suggested speaking to her sisters, and they would be most likely to assist me.

And to speak to those I was directed to the castle – I just hope to avoid the ire of the king.

Bleys gave me some Cards – one each for Bleys, Brand and the castle.

I got to the castle, through the card, grabbed a steward, and tried to find the sisters (and found that Fiona is a Princess).

So, presumably Fiona is the daughter of the King, and her sisters and her brothers are likewise children of the King.

And the suggestion is that I may be related to one of them, possibly.

I saw some sort of family tree and, seeing a princess out near Random, asked to speak to Florimel.

I had no letter of invitation but she was still gracious enough to meet with me, and she asked my name.

A brief introduction later I was paraded on her arm (strictly speaking she as on my arm, but that’s not how it felt) to somewhere more private and I politely explained that there were two puzzles which it was hoped would fascinate her.

I explained about the fire at Fiona’s and Florimel thought that as surprising as Fiona was the most senior sorceress of note, but Florimel carefully explained that if I assisted Fiona cold pretend to be grateful in the future.

I also carefully explained, in third person, that there was a person dimension hopping and that finding the ancestry could help, and that this puzzle was of interest to many up to the King.

Floriml suggested I should take some ornate fabric material, or rug, or similar, or a magical item, as a means of aiming for a gracious greeting with Brand.

She suggested that I would walk with her whilst she found someone to assist me in this new quest.

So, whilst in Amber, I seem to be mounting up several missions, quests, questions to answer – and hopefully these will assist me in not hopping any time soon.

I got placed in Florimel’s room when Random came along and assured me that I should go with him to find the rug.

I left a nice flowing letter thanking her for her time, and attention, and apologising most sincerely for having to depart so suddenly.

Random had to leave – after reassuring me that I’d be safe with him – leaving me with Aron.

We were going shopping and headed to the docks when we saw some sort of invasion from a ship that was docket.

Several troops on the side of Amber headed up by Gerard, who allocated Aron and I some 40 troops and told to take a gangplank.

I figured we should take the troops, perhaps give Aron 10 troops to be more mobile if necessary, and go after the gangplank we were allocated – with an aim to take out the troops, and the gangplank if necessary,whilst we wait for Prince Gerard to turn up with the rest of the troops.

Gerard turned up and we stormed the ship.

I carried on leading the troops to ensure no other invaders left the ship, and sent Aron to go speak to Gerard.

We made sure the place (ship and docks) was cleaned up of all invaders.

After the fight Gerard invited us to the captain’s cabin and sat us down, wanting to know if there was anything else – I told him of the blaze at Fiona’s and Gerard seemed unsurprised.

Then Gerard was struck by some invisible feeling, flinging his cards in the air, and saying Ben was in trouble – collected his cards, spoke with Eric, and then stormed out.

Aron wanted to speak to Ben, even though I got the impression that was a bad idea – so offered to use Bleys’ cards to contact either Bleys or Brand.

Aron tried to call Ben and stumbled in pain – I rescued him, and we spoke to Bleys.

Fiona has disappeared. Benedict is … somewhere?

We were able to agree to speak to Brand and we did so, and Brand told us:

Phil is his son (and therefore has to be taken off my revenge list).

I make a good patsy to appear to be his son.

My parent is one of a list of people, and if I can find out who I can perhaps stop hopping.

There is some crazy shit going on and Brand thinks he can help.

We had a chat – I managed to get a set of cards, and we agreed we’d go off to save the World!

Oh, and the King is missing.



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