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The diary of Zurehn - Chapter 5

So we needed to get set up to save the World!

Whilst the others went to get some weaponry they were proficient in, and information they thought we needed, I decided I’d try and get some chain armour to wear underneath a shirt. I got something silver and flowing, – it’s not going to save me from anything too disastrous, but it’s at least a start. I also picked up a couple of shivs – some small stabby daggers I could hide in my clothing. It won’t win any fights against a sword or crossbow, but in a tight spot it’ll be better than nothing.

I then took stock of what I thought were my missions:

My retired mission:
0) Deal with Phil – no longer possible, as he’s protected by someone powerful

My current missions:
1) Find out who set fire to Fiona’s House
2) “Save the world”
2a) find out where the invaders are invading from
2b) find the King
2c) Help Ben
3) Find my heritage/parents

We were led by Random to Gerard – where, after a brief discussion about our origin, we were able to borrow some horses.

We were able to meet up with Conrad, who everyone else had left behind, where I was able to start trying to make peace. I didn’t name Phil as the person responsible, because of his protection, but I at least laid the groundwork.

We rode off, with Conrad on a metal horse, but when we got to a city all chaos broke loose and Random led us away.
I had to break Conrad’s horse and stayed with him whilst the other 3 ran away.

I managed to sneak back to the city, with Conrad, and got him a horse, we were able to speak to Random, get him up to date, and suggested we have Phil with us to hep investigate.

We got Phil through, I told Conrad it was Phil that set us up, and helped disguise Phil with some bits and pieces, with Conrad doing a magical disguise.

We found out that the city was in lockdown under the orders of Charm, the Big Man, and reported back to Random.
Phil suggested we head to the trading post, and got the OK from Random, so we headed off.

Phil seemed to be aware that the trading post is important, and where there’d been before.

We were able to check in and got an agreement to move in – we used Conrad to throw up some silencing magic, and some digging magic to get us past the gate.
We found a portcullis – rather than dig again, and make a hole visible from within the city I got Conrad to put down some more silence and lifted the portcullis so we could get past.

We spiralled our way carefully to the central keep, looking out for guards.
We sent Phil out to check to make sure there was nothing else we needed to look for – he’s an investigator, and investigating the city seemed like a nice use of his skills.
Conrad started picking out the magic – something I’m not that familiar with, but I know enough to show an interest and maybe step up to do something if a crisis happened.

There were a couple of flashes of light as Conrad was unpicking the magic, I was able to warn him of them, but all the interlinked magic seemed too hard to be got through.

We spoke to Random and he said he’d be getting us help in the morning – Phil, Conrad and I sat tight.

In the morning I spoke to Random and was told to wait 5 minutes. Less than a minute later the tower sort of magically exploded and we saw Random and Aron running to what remains.

Phil and I stood outside, whilst Random shot in to the hole at the foot of the tower, and leapt in, followed by Aron.

Moments later Random jumped out of the hole and demanded we left, I called Deirdre and she pulled us through.

We debriefed – and during the debrief it was made clear that through the hole was Osric, the person that might be my father. The possible answer to my heritage, but I was specifically told I was not to try to contact Osirc and that it was my fault I left when I did.

So I may be related to Osric, but who knows, and I’ll have to wait for Fiona.


May be in character up there, but what you were told was that Deirdre believed it was the right decision to leave and you’d have been in great danger (roughly what Random said about the decision to bug out): Not that it was your fault.

The diary of Zurehn - Chapter 5

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