Amber: The Next Generation

The diary of Zurehn - Chapter 6

I spent some time quietly trying to find out if there was any kind of mechanism to break a Trump call if Osric took over my mind whilst I spoke to him but nobody understood what I was trying to ask for.

The only option, therefore, as previously recorded, was to wait for Fiona.

Whilst waiting I had nothing to do but review my current missions:

My retired mission:
0) Find out who set fire to Fiona’s House
1) “Save the world”
1a) find out where the invaders are invading from

Me current missions:
1a) find the King
1b) Help Ben
2) Find my heritage/parents

Fiona awoke and she approached me – I was finally allowed to contact Osric.

It was but a brief conversation, pleasant and polite. Osric’s visage was different to the few other times I’ve used Trump cards – the paint on the card itself seemed to be cracking and shifting.
Osric could neither confirm nor deny that I was related to him, or the rest of this family.

With the discussion of my sleep hopping from place to place Osric’s advice was to consider who set my missions, my tasks.
Who benefits from my missions, who would be happy with my work, even if it had me coming to the notice of the King.
His final advice was to follow the money.

There was some other quick conversation about how coming to the attention of the King isn’t wise. But, again, back to “follow the money”.

The conversation was so uneventful that I raised my query as to why people were so concerned and why I had to wait.

Fiona smiled, and demonstrated by having a conversation with me where I collapsed, losing consciousness, when I woke I found she had left a dagger near me. The message was clear.

I told her that the point had been made when she woke me to ask if I wanted to go to The Farm, but she said otherwise and whistled a part of a tune into my ear which then got lodged in there for a while.

I have never been taken out so easily – I must, therefore, learn how to defend myself from this new attack.

The other thing that this has done is show that Osric is apparently more trustworthy and safe to speak to than Fiona – and I had even helped her!

We rode off through Arden – Fiona, Aron and myself, all on horseback.

We were attacked by apes and Fiona asked for help, Aron rode off but Fiona then called Random for help.
He came through with a gush of seawater and waded (haha!) into battle with a slightly-rusted sword.

Aron and Random between them were able to wipe out almost all of them before another troupe of apes came from one side – Fiona was able to magically bind them before we moved on.

As we moved on it was decided we wouldn’t go to The Farm, but some other location that Random knew about. Texorami.
He called up a car and we moved on to this new place.

On the way Random had to concentrate and was looking scared, and suggested that this new place was under control of the bad guys.
Fiona looked out of place, ill and had to meditate to get herself under control.
I took the opportunity to carefully return her dagger – after all she might need it if she felt unsafe. If she took this as a subtle rebuffing of her earlier threat then that would be a nice and convenient side-effect.

Random decided to take us to another different place – as both Texorami and The Farm were suspected to be under control of the bad guys.

We came across a place full of battle – and Fiona appeared to be surrounded by blue.

Aron knew this place.
Random ran over one of the attackers, and then Aron drove us to the garrison to get an army of soldiers together to clear the city.
I, under instruction from Random, called Bleys who grabbed a sword, came through and also joined the fray.
Aron took his army of soldiers to clear the city.
Random got a mob of less-soldiery types to also clear out the attackers.

I went and, after verifying Fiona was safe, investigated an area of the city that had no battle.
A fifth of the city looked to be outside the bounds of where the fighting was happening.
The area was behind some weirdness – stepping across was like being stretched, completely unlike moving to the void, travelling through Trumps, or any other method I’ve found for travelling. It seems there are thousands of ways of moving from reality to reality but only the one that happens in my sleep is of concern!

I found a merchant and he seemed concerned that I was an attacker. I put that worry to rest and quickly found that 5 days ago there was an earthquake that destroyed some buildings and shook the ground and sky, and then this portion of the city seemed separated from the rest, with attacks on the other side.

The merchant confirmed that their senior general was called Tess, and I decided to head back to Aron and Random to pass on what I’ve found so far, and to verify that the two cities were the same place.

Random wasn’t answering so I got to Aron and passed on what I could, but believed that Random and Fiona would be better able to understand what was going on.

I found Random and let him know everything.
We, that is Random, Fiona and myself, got in Random’s car and headed toward the other part of the city.
We stopped by the “barrier” and Fiona and Random were hesitant to go across, even when I stepped across and back.
We came up with a plan – I took Aron across to go and make the citizenry on the other side feel safe, and tried to call Random, with no effect.
He was shifting in the card, like Osric was before.
I called Fiona who had the same sort of shifting, and she said I felt distant.
I stepped back and Fiona said she saw a mist through the barrier and not the city, and that the portion of the city didn’t exist for her. Random saw the same. As does Bleys.

I worked with Aron to try to deduce if we could get a supply chain to get food to the other part of the city – but Aron assured me there were farms beyond the city on that side of the barrier.

We tried to understand what was going on with the barrier – because the barrier had connections to the attacks.

We called in Eric who saw the same thing (the mist and nothingness) that Random and Fiona saw.

Nobody had any great plans to find out more information and Random was getting more and more concerned about Texorami so we agreed to go investigate that place, leaving Bleys.

On the way we stocked up on guns, and Aron and I were given some special devices to allow people to let us know that they wanted to reach us. Small, golden spheres that pop up with the colour of the person trying to reach us, so we can Trump call them.

We made it to Texorami and found Finndo slaughtering the people.

It as an obvious trap to lure Random but he didn’t want to listen to my warnings so Aron said he’d go off to check in The Farm and I headed off to find if there was a barrier in this place.

I was able to find the epicentre of damage, where an earthquake seemed to have originated, and where there was a crack in the world, but no barrier.

I was able to confer with Fiona and she confirmed there had been a barrier here, but it had gone down. We investigated the populace and they confirmed about 5 or so days ago there was this destruction and some people died, and some others said they had trouble going home.

The timing matched that that we’d found at Ben’s shadow, with an intact barrier where Ben was out of action, and but Random’s shadow had been able to reject the barrier with Random back.

Fiona agreed with my assessment and it was suggested I check on Eric’s shadow – which was likely to be the battle at Arden.

I explained to Eric that I was trying to find where Eric thought of as home, so I could check for a barrier.
And then I headed off randomly and appeared to get lost.



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