Amber: The Next Generation


(king asked me to help Random with a sorceror, which I did, even though it ended up being Fiona)

We ended up returning with everything we needed.

So I spent some time reading a book in the library that Dworkin suggested even though most of it made no sense.

Random came to take me to the war room to talk about things – we need to take Phil to find IMPORTANT THINGS for IMPORTANT REASONS!
So Random will take me to find some Brands, we’ll take Phil because he’s nice and useful, and Aron because Aron will be an amazing hero.

Apparently I’m funny to Caine, which is nice, and I figured I’d take the time to see if I could put some of the book learning into practice.

Caine suggested that Random check Brand’s room in the castle, so got Corwyn to keep me in the right place in the war room.

I spent some time working on a sketch of Phil, and was able to make it work like a trump!
I found Phil on a rope outside the castle, so got permission from Corwyn to bring Phil to the war room, which I did, and then Corwyn Trumped Random and sent us to him.

We ended up outside Brand’s room with Caine opening the door.
We ended up inside a room, and there was some sort of magical-anti-magic camouflage powder.
Turns out there was a hidden Brand that Caine and Random and Phil all hurt enough – so Random pulled him out of the room and I pulled and pushed the spell of the dying Brand.
I was ordered by Caine to call Bleys, which I did, so he then came through to ensure Brand didn’t die.
Caine then collapsed.

Then I pointed out that Fiona needed to know about the paint and Random told me to get on that.
I trumped Fiona, who wanted me to go to her room with the paint.
I got a sample, then headed to Fiona’s room as various magic and anti-magic things kicked off.
I explained to Fiona what happened, and left her with the paint, and she explained the better way of undoing spells was to remove the power source.
I also checked for anti-magic armour for Aron, and Fiona said that the best would be to be a mage.

I went back and passed on the information.
We took the indisposed bodies of Brand and Caine to the gymnasium, where Bleys suggested we set up some protective circles and showed me how to do that.
Then has asked me to set up a trump of Brand inside the inner circle, so I set to drawing a sketch of Brand on the floor, where indicated.

There was some complicated plan involving powering up a trump to convince Brand to come here.

Then a Brand started coming through the chalked trump on the floor and it turned to me and welcomed me as an ancient mortal (and I’m far from ancient), and it only looked to be wearing Brand in white lines in a void.

Sounded like the other king.

Long story short everyone else made the King of Chaos go away by punching me and throwing stuff at him until he went away.
And then we were told we had an important mission to do.

So we had to go get some horses and ride off for glory!



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