Amber: The Next Generation

Zorehn diary - some more

I’ve been studying for some days – learning more spell-craft.
Fiona has been saving the world – or at least doing something important in order to not sleep.
There was a period of almost day light, inside, which must’ve been down to the lack of sleep and caffeine for myself.

Oh and the king came back.

He requested my presence – he had a mission for me to go broker peace with Rhett. Apparently Random and Aron are expendable.

I tried to trump Random, he took a while to answer and said it was being listened to or interefered with.
I tried to reach Aron, and there was no answer.

I went to the War Room and saw Eric & Deirdre arguing, so I trumped Julian.
Went through to Arden, not the right place.

Teleported to where I saw Random (spell 1).

Went off and spoke to Aron – he’s confident the block Fiona put in place is still present.
I told him we have a mission to broker peace.

We went and spoke to Random – he said before we left I need to speak to Dierdre, and hand over a sword.

I trumped with Dierdre, handed over the sword and explained why and she said I should punch Random, and get an order to do so.

I did, and he stabbed me.

Dierdre said the punch was for Random leaking orders.

Dierdre used my shiv to shiv Random and he refused to give it back.

I used water teleporting spell to fire a cannon of water at him unti he gave it back – but he didn’t give it back but threw it into vines so I stopped the spell.

I retrieved the shiv and teleported back out.

We went off to head in the right direction.

Aron realised we were heading near his farm so we stopped to talk.

The end result of that discussion was that I should try to speak to Dworkin about getting a trump.

I did so, but apparently without walking the pattern it can’t be done, and the only card now would be of my corpse, which would have future complications.
He suggested I have an animal with me to send messages, and suggested badgers, but then I had weasels appear.

The next suggestion from Random was that we try to get a card for Rhett from Dworkin, but Dworkin said the cards he had stopped working when they thought he was dead.

We went to Kallenwick. The tower is boarded up.

We found a soldier keeping guard of the place.

Random wanted to find out who is in charge and when told the king, who was 200 miles away was, wasn’t able to progress.
I asked the soldier who would be dealing with things if the soldier was murdered and was told it was his sergeant, who, we later found out, was just his man.

I tried to get the weasels to tell Random that he shouldn’t be distracted and that we needed to maybe not upset these guys.

Random rocked up and we sat in a tavern.
I told him this, and he asked to speak to the original man, but when I asked him he was on duty.
I retrieved the sergeant instead – and Random handed over the gun.

We slept for the night (I tried to find armour for the legs, and got my thigh sorted out).

We rode out and found a border crossing control area.

I set up a spell to get us across and we rode up, a shot fired out from afar and the guards scattered, so I took us across.

Random took us further and further into lands of giants, then blue people, where there was a lynch mob for us, then a different place with green-skinned people also gunning for us.

We fought – Random used a gun and sword, I used a water cannon.
I got stabbed in the left shoulder.
We survived and got on.

We got to Finndo’s land, and Aron was suffering in particular.
Finndo’s (dad’s?) castle was looking in a worse state of repair.
We tried to find some horses and get out rapidly.

As the sun fell everyone died, and then Random took us away.

We ended up in a trench and Random killed them all.
We rode off to another trench.
Random wanted to take out some snipers but I convinced him we should move on.

He rainbowed us out, swapped chocolate for grenades, then rainbowed us out again.

We found an apparent goat-herd, who Random recognised as Rhett.

He asked us for introduction and recognised that who Random and Aron was, and referred to me as the person who betrayed Finndo.

We told him that peace was desired, but he didn’t seem keen on the idea.

He wants to return to Amber, and he’s happy being an official heir, but wants the king to abdicate.

I sent weasels to Dierdre saying Peace was unlikely to be on the table, and to both Fiona and Dierdre on how to reach me if they wanted me to trump them.

Random seemed to suggest this wouldn’t happen and the conversation started going circular.

Rhett turned off the thing blocking trumps.

I trumped the King and relayed the offer – which the king acknowledged and declined, but said we wouldn’t be executed if we returned having failed the mission.

I trumped back to Amber castle.

Took the time to explain to Fiona and Dierdre about the weasels.

Explained to Dierdre about my error with the plans (and that it wasn’t Random), and that I wanted to know why Rhett thought I betrayed Finndo.
And get the wound in my shoudlder and thigh properly dealt with.
And find out about the super destructive spell Osric had prepped



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