No ordinary farmboy


Average height and build, very healthy. He has brown curly hair, green eyes flecked with hazel, and his father’s nose.

First of his generation in endurance.

Interesting items:
A royal trump deck, there are many others like it, but this one is mine.
Fiona’s “pager”, a marble that vibrates and flashes in family colours when somebody would like a trump call.
A single action revolver from Texorami, pretty Random whether it works or not.
An unremarkable sword. Physics works well enough most places.


Born to Benedict and Lintra
Raised on a farm by Benedict in secret
Trained with Zuran
Also trained with the knights within the same shadow
A Random mixology mixup led to rivalry.
“Something” happened between him and Conrad that meant Lintra needed to step in.

Loyal to his family, which intersects with the Family, but is not the same.


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