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  • Trump

    h2. Usage of Trump * Trump call ** By concentrating on the image, make psychic contact with the person depicted ** Trump calls can be rejected, but to find out who's calling you have to let them in ** Hiding the image "hangs up" a trump call * …

  • Oberon

    Currently married to Prince Random's mother, after a long string of wives. An immortal King can mostly do what he likes, unless he has powerful, immortal children.

  • Benedict

    Oldest surviving son of [[:oberon | Oberon]], but possibly not actually a Prince. Don't ask him about this. Brother to [[:osric | Osric]] and [[:finndo | Finndo]]. Executed Finndo, although this is not known to most. Really good at killing things.

  • Eric

    Second surviving son of Oberon. Born out of wedlock, but a full sibling to Corwin and Deirdre.

  • Corwin

    Full brother to Eric and Deirdre, but born in wedlock. Likely first in line for his father's throne.

  • Deirdre

    Stylish, beautiful, but gives the impression that she would tear a person in half if they insulted a thing she loved. Has a very big axe.

  • Caine

    Such a pity that Caine was born too late for human sacrifice. They say he would cheerfully have killed the Priest. Apparently he is brother to the very jolly Gerard, and the grimly silent Julian.

  • Fiona

    Short. But so are the best fireworks. Fiona is arrogant and perhaps good enough to justify her arrogance. She has shown no particular wish to be kind to the younger generation, or even her younger siblings. In training or helping others, Fiona is …

  • Bleys

    Overly, wonderfully, beautifully giving. Nobody could say that Bleys does not also take. Brother to Fiona and Brand. Probably 3rd in line to the throne

  • Brand

    Brother to Bleys and Fiona. Likely the third legitimate son of Oberon. Theorising the possibilty of Dimensional Travel outside his own timelines, Brand stepped into the the Phil Rake Transporter. Finding himself split into an evil half and a …

  • Llewella

    Child of Oberon and Moire, queen of Rebma. Recognised as a Princess.

  • Julian

    Known for his habit of creating and taming terrible forces for his own fun. Makes pets of them. Brother of Caine and Gerard.

  • Gerard

    Huge, of legendary strength. Often found looking irritated while sitting in the remains of a chair.

  • Random

    The most recently born of Oberon's acknowledged children, Random is the son of [[:oberon | Oberon]] and [[:paulette | Paulette]]. Has been living in the tropical coastal shadow of [[Texorami | Texorami]] for the last few years with [[:benedict | Benedict …

  • Aron

    Born to [[:benedict | Benedict]] and [[:lintra | Lintra]] Raised on a farm by [[:benedict | Benedict]] in secret Trained with Zuran Also trained with the knights within the same shadow A [[:random | Random]] mixology mixup led to rivalry. "Something" …

  • Osric

    Son of [[:oberon | Oberon]] and [[:cymnea | Cymnea]]. Prince of Amber, and then hunted exile.

  • Phil Rake

    A denizen of a small, oddly monochrome shadow, Phil is a hard boiled detective with a burning dislike of Gorilla-grams. He has been acknowledged by the King as as descendant and permitted to walk the Pattern. His exact parentage is unknown but [[:brand …

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