Royal Family

King Oberon has spent some time and effort making it difficult for any of his children to have an obvious claim, over and above the others. However, there are some facts.

He had three children, Osric, Finndo and Benedict, by his first wife Cymnea.

Then, without divorcing, he had Eric, born to Faiella. He then dissolved the marriage to Cymnea ‘ab initio’. From the beginning. This left the oldest three with very uncertain status.

After he married Faiella, he had Corwin and Deirdre. Faiella died in childbirth.

Around this time, he probably fathered Caine out in shadow.

He married Clarissa and had Bleys and Fiona. Then, outside that marriage, he had Llewella, born to a noblewoman of a place called Rebma. A reconciliation with Clarissa resulted in Brand. Llewella is a recognised Princess.

He married, or had an affair with, Rilga She is mother to Julian and Gerard but also apparently to Caine. Rilga grew old early, and retired to a shrine of the Unicorn.

After that was Dybele, Florimel’s mother, and then Paulette, mother to Random.

This is of course just the official list, and even that has several big questions over it.

Royal Family

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