A place where the sky is black, and the ground is white.
A place where the ghosts of shadows of Family need to be fed with blood to dispense advice.
A place one cannot leave without answering a hard question about your true identity.
The questions are unstated, and the answer may not be a choice.

The eaters also inhabit this place.
To a black and white man, they appear as black and white spheres.
The eaters are slow, but patient. They just want to eat your brain.

Phil was asked whether being black and white was his true nature, or not.
(Cave: two passages, one looked like home, the other was filled with coloured crystals)
From the path taken, from his interpretation of advice dispensed by the ghost of a shadow of the king, it is no longer his true nature, and he appears in full colour now.

Aron was asked explicitly to choose which part of his heritage to accept.
(Cave: two sealed doorways, one in white, one in black. A suit of armour in Benedict’s colours, and a suit of spiky armour made to fit a chaos form.)
Only the path in his mother’s colour would open when touched with his father’s armour. This path led to a chamber of the pattern.

[GM note: The ‘white’ doorway was beside the armour that fitted the human form. It may have been his mother’s colour, but that would require his father’s colour being black.]
[This is unreliable narrator, not criticism – you pointed out the armours during the session, and possibly offered a last chance to change mind by calling in Uncle Osric when the decision was made earlier than I expected. There are of course only two ways to travel in shadow, Pattern and Trumps. So Mother’s door leading to the pattern is not unexpected. – SK]

Brand may have divided his soul here and chosen both paths. Or he may have gone elsewhere. Nevertheless, there are two copies of Brand now, and they wish to kill each other.


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