Amber: The Next Generation

Act 3, episode 18

Price of Peace

Zurehn was studying magic in the library, and discusses his findings with Fiona.
He asked her what kind of magic you’d use to disguise yourself as somebody else like Aron, and got the “it’s complicated” answer.
Zurehn gets a new mission from the King: negotiate peace with Rhett, take Random and Aron with you, and you don’t need to bring them back.
Aron isn’t answering Trump calls, so he goes through to Random… but something interferes with the call. (later suggested to be something of Chaos)
Random sends a bird to Fiona to warn about the trump interference

Fighting talk

After hearing the mission, Random wrapped up Greyswandir in its scabbard, and gave it to Zurehn to pass to Deirdre.
When Zurehn mentioned the mission to Deirdre, she instructs him to punch Random, and gives him orders to discipline Random as he sees fit.
Random’s reaction to being punched by somebody who’s not a prince is to stab them in the leg.
Which means Deirdre has to get involved and stab Random back with one of Zurehn’s shivs.
After a petulant squabble involving water cannon spells and the dagger being thrown in the bushes, we move on.

Half a pound of tuppeny rice

Zurehn wants a trump card too, and Dworkin’s trump is pointed out to him.
(it was in the “never call” section, along with Osric and the King)
Dworkin says yes, he could do that, and drops the call.
A few minutes later, he calls back and explains that if he were to give Zurehn a card, the pattern would imprint on him even without having walked it.
But there’s another solution…
pop a weasel jumps through the trump.
(( when Zurehn looks for a weasel, and sometimes when he does not, a weasel of destiny will appear. These work a bit like birds of desire, but with comic effect ))

Interlude in Kalenwic

Random takes us to Kalenwic, refusing to share any knowledge about Rhett or precisely where we’re going.
Things are a bit wierd in Kalenwic, with a screen up around the tower site to discourage the sniper. The guards talk about “the boss” and say the king is 200 miles to the north if you want to arrange an audience. (The king of this shadow really does have a palace 200 miles to the north)
Random doesn’t like being told he can’t go and look at the tower, the guards want him gone.
In any case, he heads off into shadow for a bit.
Zurehn makes a casual death threat to figure out the chain of command, and goes off to talk to the man at arms.
Aron contacts Benedict to ask about Rhett, since it’s not a name he’d even heard before.
Benedict was just a boy when Rhett was written out of history, and is also tired of Aron being used to manipulate him.
With Aron in Kalenwic, he asked him to go for a walk, and then called back, stepping through to a side street and disappearing into the night.

Journey into the north

Random knows where we’re going, but wants to avoid running into Osric on the way so takes things slowly and tries to avoid notice.
There is a wall across the road, with a checkpoint gate. As we approach, Zurehn sets up a teleport to carry us to the hills behind in case of trouble.
There is trouble, a high powered rifle shot from behind us takes out one of the guards, and the gate is closed in a panic. ((OOC I suspect Benedict))
Teleport fires, and we move on while the guards’ attention is on the road behind us.
People get taller, the road becomes a railroad, and the giants are suspicious of our horses but do not bother us when we walk on foot.
The only station is a military depot, and we didn’t see any trains.
In the land of the blue people, there is a lynch mob.
In the land of the green people, there is also a lynch mob.
They’re mostly interested in stabbing Zurehn, because he isn’t green, and he isn’t stabbing back. However a water cannon spell tears the green people apart.
We find ourselves in Finndo’s city, where the palace is crumbling and it is evening.
The gravity is particularly unpleasant, even stronger than the courts of Chaos.
Random declines to steal a tank although he looked it over with avarice, instead purchasing horses.
The sun sets, and everyone drops dead as we’re travelling out of the next shadow.
In a German great war trench, Random doesn’t understand being told to surrender, but understands a pointed gun as the universal sign of a challenge.
Aron shifts shadow before the whole trench is up in arms.
In a British great war trench, they’re not sure if we’re spies or a practical joke, still dressed in Romanesque togas from Finndo’s city.
After talking Random down from trying to take out all the snipers personally, and establishing that they don’t know what a tank is here, we move on…

Awkward Negotiations

In the mountains, Random recognises Rhett, dressed as a goatherd.
Introductions are called for:
“Prince Random, of Amber”
“Aron, son of Benedict, of Amber”
“Zurehn, some people say I’m Finndo’s”
After establishing we’re each an opportunity that comes with too much trouble attached, Rhett set out his terms:
He should be recognised as heir, and the King should abdicate in his favour.
Rhett temporarily opens the trump barrier on his “not exactly a shadow”.
After Zurehn relays the terms carefully, the king rejects them with a formal wording “We hear your terms, but Amber does not accept them at this time”, and says he would not be executed if he returns to Amber.
Rhett says he has been here a long time and doesn’t believe Chaos will come here even if Amber is destroyed. He hints that he might return to save Amber in exchange for the throne, but isn’t really interested in an open war with us. However he will not control Osric in this.
He allows us to leave after mentioning casually “I don’t think I’ve heard ‘it looks like rain’ used as a threat before, but Osric has been known to hang the ‘Ravage’ spell from time to time.”


Zurehn apologises to Deirdre for letting her believe Random was leaking plans. And for the weasels.
Random is convinced by Caine to let Zurehn know he probably owes him an apology.
Zurehn: “likewise.”



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